Be Your Own


Awakening Your Inner Wisdom for Physical,

Mental, and Emotional Well-being.

Lola Till is thrilled to announce the publication of her debut book, Be Your Own Harmonist: Awakening Your Inner Wisdom for Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. An in-depth guide to building a more balanced life, Be Your Own Harmonist draws upon decades of research in science and spirituality, as well as Lola’s personal experience in finding the daily practices that best nurture her health. By sharing these insights with the world, Lola hopes to help readers on their own journey to greater wellness and radiant joy, especially at such a challenging moment in time. Visit Amazon to order your copy today.

In her debut book Be Your Own Harmonist: Awakening Your Inner Wisdom for Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Lola Till shares the wealth of knowledge she’s gained through decades of inquiry into the most powerful practices for optimizing health. A self-care guide of extraordinary depth, the expansive and illuminating volume reveals the very methods the international entrepreneur has long used to achieve balance in her own life. With its elegant merging of science and spirituality—a union Till considers crucial to the future of human progress—Be Your Own Harmonist ultimately provides an all-encompassing solution for unlocking your intuition and living to your greatest potential.

Rooted in Till’s closely held belief in the delicate interplay between our physical, emotional and mental wellness, Be Your Own Harmonist examines all three elements with both scientific rigor and deeply personal insight. To that end, the book’s first section looks at the many factors that impact our biology, including everything from the damaging effects of chronic inflammation to the revitalizing powers of yoga. Along with offering direction on creating a more restorative sleep routine, this section also breaks down the essentials for assembling a balanced diet rich in high-frequency foods.

In part two of Be Your Own Harmonist, Till delves into the nuances of mental wellbeing, touching on such topics as brain plasticity and our little-known ability to influence brain-wave patterns, in addition to presenting life-altering techniques like meditation and breathwork. And in the final component to Be Your Own Harmonist, the reader learns to access heart intelligence and increase resilience to misfortune of all kinds. With its thoughtful reflections on complex matters like forgiveness, the book’s third section also illustrates how tending to our emotional lives can lead us to better care for the health of the planet.

Throughout Be Your Own Harmonist, Till draws upon the self-guided philosophical study she first pursued as a child in Uzbekistan. With her education including a degree in international law from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and a doctorate in psychology from Tashkent State University, she’s devoted much of her life to exploring such traditions as feng shui — an age-old Chinese practice that inspired the launch of her global luxury brand The Harmonist Maison de Parfum, the first perfume line ever to translate the science of feng shui into the language of modern fragrance. As she established herself as a singular voice within the wellness and beauty space, Till continued her scholarship by completing an apprenticeship at the Gaia School of Herbal Medicine & Earth Education (located near Los Angeles, where she’s resided since 2014).

For Till, the benefits of living a more balanced life go far beyond self-improvement. Indeed, the lifelong humanitarian created Be Your Own Harmonist with the hope that her guidance might help others to radiate harmony to those around them and, in turn, bring about a positive paradigm shift. When we discover the incredible abundance of our true selves, Till believes, we’re vastly more empowered to work together in building a harmonious world.


  • “The current environment has placed huge strains on our society, and Lola’s book can be a guiding light that brings solace and inner peace for the reader. While we live in uncertain times, it is important to maintain composure and balance in our lives—this can best be achieved by harnessing the positive energies of the mind, body and soul. Lola’s book offers all that and a lot more – it provides valuable advice and guidance to reduce stress and improve general well-being. Mindfulness provides a stimulus of life, and can make you confident and productive, which in turn can positively influence how we interact with others. The book is a tonic we all need and a must read!”

    Amir Dossal

    President, Global Partnerships Forum

  • “As the author Lola Till states, many great thinkers have tried to answer life’s great questions, using different knowledge bases to come to a range of answers. Here she uses an integrative approach, taking knowledge from science, philosophy, and spirituality to find the answers that help her achieve health, purpose, and contentment. This journey is one everyone should take for themselves, and this book can serve as a roadmap for people to find their own answers to life’s essential questions.”

    Brian Kennedy

    PhD, director of the Centre for Healthy Ageing,

    professor, departments of biochemistry and

    physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine,

    National University Singapore

  • “Immersed in the overall excellence of health and fascination of the power of mind and spirit, Be Your Own Harmonist helps you realize your full potential of self-mastery. Lola Till has succeeded in showing a course to reach higher levels of fulfillment and consciousness, perhaps even leading to hierophany and the release of the spiritual strength that exists within each and every one of us.”

    Evie Evangelou

    Founder and president, Fashion 4 Development

  • “In trying times, the default reaction for most executives is to turn outward to face the challenge. Lola’s book reminds us to turn inward, too. We are told regularly by environmentalists that we won’t have any businesses to run if we destroy the natural resources around us. Likewise, our bodies will cease to function if we don’t care for our diet, sleep, and mental health. Be Your Own Harmonist reminds us of the importance of self-care, and that to be an effective leader, you first need to feel it inside. After all, If you can’t exercise control over your

    own body and mind, then what hope can you have of leading others?”

    Grant Schreiber

    Founding editor, Real Leaders

  • “A lot of times when we see the word ‘athlete,’ we see the amazing plays. We see the amazing grace. We see the amazing performance. But when I see ‘athlete,’ I see routine and consistency around how they train, how they eat, how they become mentally fit, how they recover and how they tribe. As an NFL wide receiver for 13 years, I learned that health and wellness is all-encompassing. I couldn’t be physically healthy without being mentally fit, and vice versa. Here, Lola Till lays out an emotional, informational and insightful guide that will help people to come to the same realization.”

    Brandon Marshall

    Founder, House of Athlete

    Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, PROJECT 375

    13-year NFL veteran

  • “My personal story of traumatic challenges and work with those facing daily challenges inspires me to encourage everyone to begin their journey of wellbeing before a life event deems it necessary. Reading Lola's heartfelt exploration of wellbeing is a first step for all. A clear and honest approach to living an authentic life with a full range of emotions. The aligned between mental, physical and emotional wellbeing she speaks of is so truly necessary for us all. Thank you Lola.”

    Addison Brasil

    Co-Founder, VP, tethr brand and app

    Mental Health Advocate and Resilience Explorer

  • “Lola Till  weaves ancient wisdom with modern insights to illuminate a path to healing that is both practical and profound. By providing us with holistic ways to create harmony, deepen our awareness, and explore our multifaceted existence, she calls on us to become more balanced and whole human beings not just for the benefit of ourselves but for the overall wellness of our extended communities. I believe Till's message is one of great pertinence to our contemporary world - which needs these lessons of healing and transformation perhaps more now than ever before."

    Willow Kalatchi

    Co-Founder of The Mindry

    meditation~wellness~mindfulness, Malibu Ca